May Wishlist

The month of May was an interesting one for sure. Early on in the month I was offered a job which, unfortunately, I could not accept. That threw me into a somewhat frustrating and sad mindset that lingered for quite a while. Although I am still on the job hunt, I definitely feel down in regards to the missed opportunity. However, life moves on, and thankfully, the rest of May was filled with adventure and fun experiences! 

During may long weekend, Jason and myself and our very good friends went on a camping trip to the mountains! It was such a wonderful experience and I can't wait to see the photos (they are still being developed). Jason and I visited his mother for mothers day and built her a handrail for the deck in her back yard, I made a cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries to celebrate. We spent a weekend with my parents and built my mom a garden planter box for mothers day as well. Her garden is now planted and ready to take off! 

On the 26th I had my graduation pictures taken - convocation is just around the corner! Jason and I made a day out of it, exploring Princes Island Park in downtown Calgary, and then eating a delicious meal at the Deane House in Inglewood. It was an awesome day and I highly recommend eating at Deane.

My wishlist this month is once again comprised of mostly clothing, as my current goal is to find and solidify my style. Sticking to slow, sustainable fashion is very important to me, and so is maintaining a defined colour pallet. This month I have been more interested in vintage pieces, finding quite a few on Etsy and Instagram boutiques. Purchasing vintage clothing can fall into the realm of sustainable fashion as it is re-purposing items and giving them new life! 

1. Lille Top by Doen

The silhouette of this top is absolutely stunning. The colour is in my desired colour pallet, and I love the look of the material. I believe that the drawstring tie would be extremely flattering and would accentuate my waist line. Doen is a great brand with many beautiful clothing items. It is a dream of mine to own one (or more 😉) of their pieces!

(Image by Doen)

2. The Modern Babo by Everlane

The Moroccan Babouche shoe is a classic, thus I really appreciate this 'modern' version done by Everlane. After trying on a pair of authentic babouche shoes, I do not believe that they would give me enough support, thus this version by Everlane could indeed be the solution! I can picture myself wearing vintage denim, slightly rolled, paired with these shoes - simple perfection!

(Image by Everlane)

3. Natural Loose Linen Pants by notPerfectLinen

For the past few months, Linen has been my obsession! I love the comfy-chic look that it has and I think that these pants are very well priced. Although they may not be suitable for the winter months here in Alberta, I do believe that they would be great for spring, summer, and fall. I love the notPerfectLinen etsy shop, as all of their pieces are customizable - you can chose the fabric colour and fabric design. I really like the idea of buying from an etsy shop rather than any large scale production company.  

(Image by notPerfectLinen)

4. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

I am 50 pages away from finishing The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. I have absolutely loved it and am hoping to get my hands on another book of hers soon! After reading the summaries of her other books, The Forgotten Garden, caught my attention. This book is about a girl inheriting a property which she did not know about and discovering its secrets! From what I understand, Mortons books are historical pieces and provide a creative lens into the past. After studying history from a serious perspective, it is nice to read about history from a purely fictitious perspective. I had a hard time reading for pleasure while in Uni, but now I am getting back into it and I am so happy about that! 

(Image source: Indie Bound)

These are some of the things which I have had my eye on this month, and one day hope to have in my possession! 

Thanks so much for reading,
Madison xx